We also offer the option of full demolition and removal of your swimming pool. In this process, we thoroughly demolish the entire pool and remove it, instead of just removing the uppermost few feet of concrete.

Remove A Pool is a specialized company, so swimming pool removal is not just a part of our business. Since it is our only focus, we know swimming pool removal better than anyone else. We are properly equipped with machinery that was specifically designed to provide comprehensive pool removal while causing as little disruption to your landscaping and lawn as possible. Our skill, experience, and knowledge regarding all aspects of swimming pool removal allow us to efficiently remove your pool in the safest work environment possible.

The staff at Remove A Pool is both knowledgeable and experienced in every facet of swimming pool removal. Each one of our team members have been prescreened, so you are always guaranteed to get a state-licensed demolition professional that is a U.S. citizen. Our demolition contractors and machinery operators work hard to keep your work site as safe as possible during the removal of your swimming pool, to avoid injury and unwanted property damage. From our friendly sales staff to our expert contractors, you will be happily surprised by the level of professionalism you encounter at Remove A Pool. Our main business priority is your complete satisfaction.

More Than Just Pool Removal

When a pool is constructed, a pool installation company must often change the elevation and grade of your property to facilitate its proper construction. Retaining walls and deck elevations that are constructed can cause water drainage problems for your property later. At Remove A Pool, our experts have the skill and knowledge to restore proper water shed, so your property doesn’t encounter any unnecessary damage from erosion.